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This chapter discusses the major Config Mgr data classes and how those classes are used, and it outlines some sample SQL views and queries. From an administrator’s perspective, however, there are only two SQL views you need to use, as shown in Table 3.9. It also introduces you to the SQL Server Management Studio tool. Netbios_Name0 As the title of this section implies, data within the hardware inventory classes is obtained from hardware inventory. Size0 Data from software inventory classes comes from the software inventory action run by the Config Mgr client on computers, which runs every seven days by default. ooking at the built-in reports I did not find anything that will show the status of one or more software update groups per Collection so I decided to build one myself.Most of the below information is cobbled together from a couple of Tech Net pages, a blog post or two, presentations I’ve seen over the years, conversations I’ve had with others, forum posts and experience — there’s just no one definitive source with a product as big as Config Mgr that also relies on another full product in this case.Yes, the scan cycle must be performed and is a precursor (how else would the client know what to install or what to download) but this does not have to be the scheduled scan cycle (and in fact usually isn’t because of the other scans kicked off by the deployment process).

Here are a few of the sources I could dig up though (note that very little has changed as far as these actual processes go from 2007 to 2012, software updates was mostly a UI change from 2007 to 2012): Based on the (many) sources, here are a handful of key facts, implications, behaviors, and observations I thought I’d put together in one place (for the day my memory or sanity completely goes away — probably tomorrow).

As you may know, Config Mgr collects a large amount of data out-of-the-box. Note that although the link is for Config Mgr 2007, the information also applies to later versions of Config Mgr.

Understanding how data is collected and stored within the site database can help you produce SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports that expose this raw data. There are several SQL views for collection classes—one for each collection within your environment. User_Name0FROM dbo.v_R_System_Valid RV INNER JOIN dbo.v_Full Collection Membership FCM ON RV. Resource ID INNER JOIN dbo.v_Collection Coll ON FCM.

Choose the values for Collection and Client Version. The report shows the total number of active clients, clients that passed the client check, clients that failed client check and the percentage of active clients that passed the client check.

One of my employees/mates – Jon Lambert, has written the below article, and kindly given me permission to post on my blog….

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ooking at the built-in reports I did not find anything that will show the status of one or more software update groups per Collection so I decided to build one myself.